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Category: .NET Core microsoft

Modernize Existing .NET Applications

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 23-May-2019

What is Trunk Based Development? - kloia Blog

Mehmet Ali Aydın 22-Apr-2019
Category: digitaltransition

We are hiring! Inbound Sales Engineer - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 13-Feb-2019
Category: dojo
Category: AWS Docker
Category: AWS
Category: DevOps

DevOps Nedir, Ne Değildir? - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 17-Mar-2017

NewYear Lottery - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 19-Dec-2016
Category: DevOps

DevOps anahtarınız bizden! - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 19-Dec-2016
Category: AWS DevOps

AWS Danışmanlık Deneyimlerimiz - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 07-Sep-2016
Category: DevOps
Category: Docker DevOps Cloud

DockerCon16 Deneyimlerimiz - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 23-Jun-2016
Category: DevOpsDAys

DevOpsDays İstanbul 2016 Notlarımız - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 06-Jun-2016

JenkinsDays Londra 2016 - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 26-May-2016
Category: DevOps
Category: Docker

Docker Nedir, Özellikleri Nelerdir? - kloia Blog

Derya (Dorian) Sezen 09-Apr-2016
Category: DevOps Agile

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