Kloia moves you onto the new era in DevOps, Cloud, QA, Application Modernization and Generative AI

Transition to new-era.

Kloia works with daring, innovative companies who actively seek the benefits of modern software development practices. We are a team of experienced, curious engineers. We don’t give you slide shows and then leave you to work. We join your teams to transition your company to modern practices in DevOps, cloud, test automation, and microservices.

We love sharing our expertise; we help you leave legacy processes behind, we provide training to level up your technical skills.


DevOps Transition

Building your Deployment Pipeline 

Continuous IntegrationContinuous DeliveryContinuous Deployment

Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes

Test Automation Enablement

Performance Automation Enablement

ChatOps and SecOps practices

Measurement enablement

Maturity Assessment

GitOps Transition

Cloud-Native Transitions

Software and Infrastructure Architecture

Observability Maturity


Application Modernisation

Microservices Transition


Event Sourcing

Service Discovery

RESTful Services

.NET Modernisation

Splitting the Monolith

Stateless Refactoring

Caching Implementation

RESTful API Transition

DotNet Core Refactoring

Restructuring the FrontEnd

Domain Driven Design

Cloud-Native Transition



As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we have completed 100+ AWS projects from startup to enterprise-scale, achieved 50+ AWS certificates, trained 100+ professionals for AWS, and help and contribute to the community through meetups and our APN Ambassador and AWS Community Builders.

We are a re-platforming partner, aiming to refactor the infrastructure and software towards cloud-native by working with DevOps/Software teams. We enable containerisation and automation by using emerging DevOps toolsets.

We offer specialized in many areas:

AWS Migration - Easiest way to move to AWS

AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

.NET Modernization - Improving performance and cost

SQL Transition - Getting rid of legacy

Cost Optimization - Getting the most ROI with cloud



What's on kloia?

Originality Award by AWS to our GenAI Solution

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Dr. Omer GUNES from Oxford University, has joined kloia as Chief AI Advisor

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Views on Blogposts

Kloia's advanced knowledge of DevOps best practices, coupled with their expert .NET skills helped us modernize a core part of our application, delivering a best in class solution that enables us to build and deliver changes to our customers with a far greater velocity.

JOSH HART / Cloud Architect, @Epos Now

Sheldon Cohen
We have worked with kloia to help build out the next generation of our software. Their vast knowledge and ability to quickly learn our business has been a tremendous benefit to our organization.


We accelerate your digital transition.

There are many tools and practices in Cloud, DevOps and Microservices domain. Figuring out the right combination through trial-error is costly and slows your business down.

kloia identifies the right tools and practices for you, and implements the right solution for your business.

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