DevOps enables businesses to better coordinate their development and operations teams in order to increase code quality, implement continuous integration, and deliver quicker. A leading DevOps consulting company, kloia, can provide a continuous delivery pipeline across cloud platforms, resulting in a quicker time to market and cost savings.

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  • Transition is a mandatory phase to begin DevOps-as-a-Service. All applications and infrastructure are converted to common standards based on Kubernetes together with all monitoring and alerting
  • Choose the SLA-level that you need referring to the risk-level that you want to take. We have Best-Effort, Business-hours and 24/7 SLA options.

Task Development & Support
  • You can choose a development package that fits your needs where we deliver all your requirements based on Cloud, DevOps, CI/CD, Infrastructure and Monitoring. We become a part of your team as your DevOps Engineer.

Fast Lane to DevOps.

Cloud Support

Deployment Pipeline


Infrastructure as code






All of our tasks are carried out in “Everything-as-code” manner, which means all automation code is committed to your Code Repository aside with your application code. This approach ensures that there are no “hidden” or undocumented activities.


Latest practices

Kloia engineers apply the latest practices in DevOps automation including Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy, Terraform, DevSecOps, Monitoring, and deployment pipelines - all considering your constraints.

We follow the latest DevOps methodology.
Download guideline:
Containerization & Orchestration

Packages and Pricing

Step1: Transition

Transition is a mandatory phase to begin DevOps-as-a-Service. All applications and infrastructure are converted to common standards which includes "Everything-as-code" approach benefiting from our OpenSource on-boarding framework. By the end of this phase, your entire stack will be running on a Kubernetes-based Infrastructure together with all monitoring and alerting systems and configurations. During this phase, we work closely with your development team(s) regarding the branching, versioning, configuration, artifacts and library/dependencies.

Step2: Choose your SLA

Choose the Service Level Agreement based on your risk-levels

Best Effort SLA*

for projects which are not yet
in production.  
Beginning from
1,099 USD /month

Alert Management

Pool engineers


Incident/Problem Solutions

* No pre-defined response time guarantee

Business Hours SLA*

for growing projects
in production
Beginning from
3,299 USD /month

Best Effort SLA +

On-call Engineers

Monthly Report

Min. 2 Engineers assigned


* 1 or 2 Hour SLA(Service Level Agreement) 
   On-prem infrastructure pricing will be different

7/24 SLA*

for critical projects
in production
Beginning from
5,499 USD /month

Business-Hours SLA +

Min. 4 Engineers assigned

* 1-Hour SLA including vacation days and weekends
   On-prem infrastructure pricing will be different


Step 3 :Choose your Task Development Package.

You may have ongoing requirements or sometimes you need flexibility when you cannot anticipate the future. Select a package which works best for you.

On-demand Package*

where you cannot foresee the upcoming requirements
Beginning from
1,099 USD /month
  • Cloud/DevOps/CI/CD Tasks 

  •  Kubernetes Enablement

  • Infra-as-code with Terraform

  • No Iterations & No Task SLA

  • AWS/GCP/Azure/On-prem


* 1-week SLA for sizing the task, 2 week SLA to begin the development

Business Package**

when you can foresee a Backlog of requirements
Beginning from
4,399 USD/month

On-demand Package +

Monthly Sprints

Task Board Assigned

Shared Slack Channel

Weekly Feedback Sessions

1 Assigned Engineer









** 1-business-day SLA to start the development

Premium Package

when you need more speed with additional engineers
Beginning from
9,899 USD /month

Business Package +

Bi-weekly Sprints

Daily Scrum 

Monthly Progress Session

  • 2 Assigned Engineers

  • PM Assigned



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