We offer you a technical career

We are a consultancy company and we do invest in R&D. We are the ones who distinguish the hypes and the real use-cases. We do those activities under KloiaLabs.

We are concentrated on frontline technologies and practices. All of our projects are on Kubernetes. All of our QA projects are Test Automation. Most of our Software projects are Microservices and some of those are CQRS/Event Sourcing.

In KloiaLabs, you can participate in the PoC of a latest technology or a tool. You can also participate in an internal Hackathon where you can team up to implement a predefined scenario including some latest technologies, which are usually not in the market yet. Some technologies that we experienced during Hackathons many years ago: GraphQL, gRPC, Event Sourcing...



No Corporate-Bullshit

If you are bored of corporate procedures, policies, getting consent from your managers, asking permission for your daily routine, we may be the right place for you. 

We are rejecting all non-sense tasks, eliminating them, even removing them. We are against the corporate bullshit phrases, internal politics, and implicit/generic performance feedbacks.

We do HR 2.0: PeopleOps

We believe in each person has his/her own values and motivational aspects. We do not force any kloian to behave or work in a standard manner. That’s why we follow “Work from anywhere and anytime” principle. We are not asking kloians to change their behavior according to the expected, but we are trying to do the vice-versa: investigating each personality and offering relevant roles.

Our organization is role-based, we kind apply some aspects from Holacracy's, which we sometimes call our system Klocracy. Similar to Holacracy, we have roles and one kloian is assigned to multiple roles. Unlike in Holacracy, we are not strict in applying for some routines and roles defined in Holacracy. We inherited what makes sense for us.



We offer various benefits

We are supporting you to register certifications that you target for your career. We also do internal trainings for those certifications.

You will be working on global projects if you have a B2 level of English speaking proficiency. If not, don't worry, we have internal initiatives in place to support your English.

If you prefer to work from home rather than from our offices, you will be provided a remote budget with which you can spend to build your own home office environment.

We offer 10% Share Option pool with 1 year cliff! Besides, we apply profit share model annually.

We organize quarterly company-wide summits or division summits during which we gather in a physical location (usually in a non-urban location), so internal sessions, Hackathon, and social activities. We also time to time organize a remote location which can be a temporary workplace for a kloian.

We have some social clubs are well. You can find us on Strava where we do monthly challenges. We have also a Sailing club for whoever is interested.

Some numbers:
  • 15
  • 13
    Hackathons with special prizes

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