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Kloia Has Acquired Holizon: Now Stronger In The Observability Domain

Kloia - Holizon merged.

Kloia Has Acquired Holizon: Now Stronger In The Observability Domain

Founded in 2015 with the assistance of Teknogirişim Capital, Holizon is a company that specializes in Application Performance Monitoring and Automation (APM). It has made a name for itself in the business world as a forward-thinking technology company that places a high priority on research and development and strives to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers. For example, it has completed numerous projects using Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring products, starting with energy monitoring and progressing through R&D projects. Informatics Valley also completed the development of the service-based and monitoring product in Turkey and was successful in importing this product into other countries. 

It was through the recommendation of a former Holizon customer that Kloia and Holizon's paths crossed again. As a result of their previous monitoring experience, two of the company's founding partners decided to collaborate and join forces under the kloia umbrella in order for the company to concentrate more on this field and improve the quality of tracking for its customers. 

The initial goal of kloia was to take a "full potential" approach to identify all potential areas of improvement and implement those changes. In contrast to the traditional approach of simply integrating Holizon to capture the most obvious synergies, a full-potential approach generates improvements for Holizon while simultaneously capturing all synergies and capitalizing on the opportunity to upgrade kloia. 

The distributed system design, microservice architecture, and DevOps processes used by kloia, as well as traceability, are critical to ensuring transformational continuity in the organization. We were able to take advantage of kloia's expertise in this area by establishing cooperation in this area to increase the site's end-to-end traceability from the customer infrastructure to the service provided. This meant strengthening together and creating a perfect customer experience, which we utilized. It was the goal of this collaboration to improve the process not only with the products developed in collaboration with kloia, but also with the products that were already installed by performing the necessary monitoring and infrastructure analysis in accordance with the needs of the clients. 


Is there anything we can expect from this merger in the near future?

As a result of this union of forces, the most experienced teams in Turkey and UK and around the world in products such as the Instana Observability Platform, the Humio Log Management Product, and Grafana have been established. We will continue to provide our customers with world-class service. In addition, we conduct in-depth customer research in a variety of areas and continue to invest in new products and technological advancements. 

We were able to realize the first benefits of this merger by taking on the renewal of the Instana APM license as well as a local maintenance and consulting service project for one of Turkey's leading financial institutions.

Yetiskan Eliacik

Yetiskan is currently working as Observability Partner at kloia. He has 10+ years experience in Observability domain.