Going Global: Using AWS Global Accelerator for Improved Application Performance

I will explain how AWS Global Accelerator can enhance application performance and share with you real-world use cases that demonstrate its benefits.

Going Global: Using AWS Global Accelerator for Improved Application Performance

In today's interconnected world, businesses are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. With the rise of the internet and cloud computing, applications and services are accessed by users around the globe. However, delivering a seamless user experience across different regions can be a challenge due to latency, network congestion, and other performance issues. This is where AWS Global Accelerator comes into play.


In this blog post, I will explain how AWS Global Accelerator can enhance application performance and share with you real-world use cases that demonstrate its benefits.

Understanding AWS Global Accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator is a service that improves the availability and performance of applications by utilizing Amazon's highly available and distributed network infrastructure. It directs traffic over the AWS global network, allowing applications to achieve lower latency and enhanced availability for end users.


The key features of AWS Global Accelerator include:

Static IP Addresses

AWS Global Accelerator provides you with static Anycast IP addresses that can be easily associated with your application endpoints. These IP addresses remain the same across multiple AWS regions, ensuring a consistent entry point for your users.


Traffic Distribution

The service intelligently routes traffic to the optimal endpoint based on health checks, geography, and routing policies that you define. This type of routing ensures that users are directed to the closest and healthiest endpoint, thus reducing latency and improving application performance.


Accelerated Network Backbone

The service leverages the Amazon global network, which is designed for low-latency and high-throughput traffic. This means that users can experience improved performance when accessing your application, even from distant locations.


Health Checks and Failover

AWS Global Accelerator continuously monitors the health of your application endpoints. If an endpoint becomes unhealthy due to application failures or other issues, traffic is automatically redirected to healthy endpoints, ensuring high availability.


Benefits of Using AWS Global Accelerator

Reduced Latency

One of the primary benefits of AWS Global Accelerator is reduced latency. By directing traffic over the AWS global network and routing it to the closest available endpoint, users experience faster response times and have a better overall user experience.


High Availability

With the ability to perform health checks and automatically route traffic away from unhealthy endpoints, AWS Global Accelerator improves application availability. This helps in maintaining uninterrupted service for users, even in the face of endpoint failures.


Global Reach

Whether your users are in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, AWS Global Accelerator ensures that they are connected to an optimal endpoint. This global reach is crucial for businesses that have a diverse user base across the world.

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Simplified Architecture

Implementing global load balancing and failover mechanisms traditionally involves complex setups. AWS Global Accelerator simplifies this process by providing a managed service that takes care of routing and failover logic.


Predictable Performance

With AWS Global Accelerator's ability to route traffic based on policies and health checks, you can ensure that users are directed to endpoints that provide the best performance. This predictability is crucial for applications that demand consistent performance levels.


Real-World Use Cases

E-Commerce Platform

Imagine a global e-commerce platform that serves customers from different regions. During peak shopping times, the platform experiences heavy traffic loads that can lead to performance degradation. By utilizing AWS Global Accelerator, the platform can distribute traffic to multiple endpoints in different AWS regions. This not only reduces the load on individual endpoints but also ensures that users are directed to the nearest endpoint, minimizing latency and providing a smooth shopping experience.

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Additionally, if an endpoint experiences technical issues, AWS Global Accelerator can automatically redirect traffic to healthy endpoints, preventing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service.

Video Streaming Service

A video streaming service that caters to a global audience faces the challenge of delivering high-quality video content with minimal buffering. AWS Global Accelerator can play a crucial role in this scenario by optimizing the delivery of video streams. By directing users to the nearest content delivery endpoint, the service reduces buffering and improves the overall streaming experience.


Furthermore, AWS Global Accelerator's ability to perform health checks ensures that users are directed to endpoints that can handle the load. If an endpoint becomes overloaded or experiences issues, traffic can be quickly redirected to healthier endpoints, maintaining a seamless streaming experience.

Online Gaming Platform

Online gaming platforms have to run with ultra-low latency to provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. AWS Global Accelerator can be used to optimize the delivery of gaming traffic. By directing players to the nearest game server endpoints, the service minimizes latency and ensures that in-game actions are transmitted quickly, reducing lag.


If a  game server experiences downtime or connectivity problems, AWS Global Accelerator can automatically route players to alternative healthy servers, preventing disruptions and maintaining gameplay continuity.

Getting Started with AWS Global Accelerator

Implementing AWS Global Accelerator for your application involves a few key steps, and I'll illustrate each step with examples:

Creating Accelerators

Start by creating an accelerator and associating it an IP address. For instance, let's say you're setting up an accelerator for a global messaging app. You create an accelerator named "KloiaMsgAppAccelerator", by default AWS provide IP address dynamically.


Configuring Listeners

Configure listeners to define the protocols and ports that your application uses to receive traffic. Continuing with the messaging app scenario, you might set up a listener for HTTPS traffic on port 443.

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Creating Endpoint Groups

Create endpoint groups that consist of the resources serving traffic to users. These resources can be Elastic IP addresses, Network Load Balancers, or Amazon EC2 instances.


Add Endpoints

Add endpoints for each region and specify the resources that handle incoming traffic.

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In the era of global connectivity, ensuring optimal application performance for users around the world is a critical consideration. AWS Global Accelerator offers a powerful solution to this challenge, leveraging Amazon's vast network infrastructure to reduce latency, to enhance availability, and to provide a seamless user experience. From e-commerce platforms to video streaming services and online gaming platforms, AWS Global Accelerator has proven its effectiveness across various use cases.

By adopting AWS Global Accelerator, businesses gain the ability to scale their applications globally without compromising on performance or availability. The benefits of reduced latency, high availability, and simplified architecture contribute to a better user experience which leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, the predictability of performance ensures that businesses can meet the demands of their users even during peak traffic periods.

As we move further into a digitally connected world, the role of AWS Global Accelerator becomes increasingly crucial. It empowers businesses to transcend geographical boundaries and provide a consistent experience to users, regardless of their location. By strategically distributing traffic to the nearest and healthiest endpoints, AWS Global Accelerator becomes a fundamental tool for delivering applications and services to a diverse global audience.

To embark on your journey with AWS Global Accelerator, it's essential to understand your application's requirements, design an optimal routing strategy, and continuously monitor and adjust your setup for optimal performance. By following best practices and utilizing the features provided by AWS Global Accelerator, businesses can ensure that their applications perform at their best, delighting users and driving business success in the global marketplace.

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Ahmet Aydın

Senior DevOps Consultant @kloia