A Kloia QA Summit Story: How to Meet Offline (Fast)

To be or not to be... working remotely! That's the question.

A Kloia QA Summit Story: How to Meet Offline (Fast)

To be or not to be... working remotely! That's the question. It has been almost a year since I started working in kloia, but I couldn't find the chance to meet most of my teammates in person. That's the handicap of working remotely. We work from every corner of the globe. So it's hard to arrange a common time or place for us to have a chit-chat over a cup of coffee.

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Kloia QA Sapanca was a rare opportunity for us to meet with every member of our team. We found the chance to meet face to face and confirmed that we are not some complex AI or Android by greetings followed by firm handshakes. That was… a relief.



We had a brainstorming session to improve the QA Team and to take it a step further. There were many brilliant ideas overall. It wasn’t a shock, though, considering the brilliance of the people who came together.

It was a great 3-days event filled with eating, activities, eating, and… eating. 



We had great breakfasts… And, of course, a BBQ is a must in geek tech teams :D  




And since these calories needed to be burned, we went trekking.





If you are good, one day you can see the smurfs. But hey, that's us you see in the photo below.




One of the best activities we did during our short trip was canoeing. Many of us hadn’t tried it before, so it was very exciting. And then, something unexpected happened. A storm hit. We knew Gargamel was up to something. I mean, he usually brews something, but we didn't know brewing up a storm was a thing!





The main cons of working remotely are a lack of social interaction and communication difficulties. We felt the lack of social interaction but not the communication difficulties. We thought that the harmony between us was pretty good before this event, but when we came together, we realized that were an orchestra in fact! 

And you may be asking what are the pros of working remotely, then? Well, that’s the topic of another blog post!

Overall, this was a memorable experience that I will never forget in my whole career and I wanted to share it with you too! Catch you later! 


End of the post. Don’t mind me,  just resting my eyes… 


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Muhammet Topcu

Muhammet is currently working as QA Engineer at kloia. He is familiar with frameworks such as Selenium, Karate, Capybara, etc.