QA Consultancy

Test Maturity Assessment
We run a full-day session with each QA test team members to observe their routine in a working day to detect obstacles, and needs to come up with practical solutions about them. 
Roadmap Planning
Tailor-made solutions require clear roadmaps. We decide on infrastructural points with involved test team to create a test automation solutions that suits your needs.


Team Onboarding
According to Test Maturity Assessment, we practice a variety of workshops such as hands-on test automation pair-coding sessions and Test Automation Dojo.

How do we work?

Roadmap Identification: We analyze your project, find out what you need, choose the best tool stack and infrastructure that suit your needs, and create a roadmap by assigning the teams for them to deliver items from the list. We continue to improve this roadmap and deliver items with you throughout this entire process.

Technical Onboarding: To boost the quality of an application, testing it on both manual and automated side is a must. We analyze daily routine of each member of the testing team with full-day sessions to come up with practical solutions, and quick-wins and find out possible bottlenecks, and obstacles. 

We build test automation project infrastructure and create project standards such as naming conventions, coding rules, project scopes, approaches to be applied in the projects, the libraries, and 3rd party integrations. Our services are not just about developing test automation scenarios, they are about enabling the whole team to write automation with pair and hands-on coding sessions. We also believe that documentation is an integral part of the entire process.

Culture Expansion: What differentiates kloia from other consultancy companies is our desire to pass on the knowledge and culture of the test to the members of your company. Our aim is to leave you in a self-contained state at the end of our service.


Let Us Assess Your Test Maturity

Testing activities both manual and automated boost your application’s quality. As kloians, we run a full-day session with each qa test team member to observe their daily working routine to detect obstacles and needs to come up with practical solutions about them. This session shows us how the qa testing team works in a day and figures out ways to create an easier and more efficient daily working routine for the qa test team members.

At the same time, if you have a test automation project, we run a technical session to improve it. These technical sessions aim to detect whether your automation project has an improvement point at code-level or application-level.

Key points of our assessment are:

  • Team Source, Abilities and Culture
  • Technological and Architectural Restrictions
  • Automated Testing and Execution Frequency
  • Performance Testing and Monitoring
  • Output: Test Maturity Assessment Report

A Roadmap to Overcome Your Challenges

For each customer, challenges and bottlenecks differ. Thus, every project and every product requires a unique roadmap to tackle problems. Individual parts of this map can be seen below:

Strategy Definition

  • Test case documentation
  • Test case level definition (Smoke, E2E, Regression)
  • Platform requiring test automation (Mobile, Web, API...)
  • Automated test case prioritization
  • Quick-win analysis

Technical Decision

  • Tool stack & framework evaluation and decision
  • Architectural decision
  • Design pattern
  • Test automation approach
  • Web element definition for frontend
  • Cross-browser infrastructure
  • CI/CD integration
  • Reporting
  • Execution recording & monitoring


  • Project review
  • Automation Dojo
  • Pair coding
  • Automated omni-channel testing
  • Technical enablement & team transition

Analyze, Win Quick, Measure Progress

According to the assessment, we define short-term (1-3 months), mid-term (3-6 months) and long-term (>12 months) roadmaps. The analysis step provides us to have an overview of your projects and development process, and also enables us to determine quick win points. Depending on these points, we define roadmap items by prioritization and measure the progress of the roadmap. 

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