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Kloians are always actively seeking to find the optimum solutions for certain requirements or problems. We have 200+ private and public GitHub repositories where we gather all this effort. Those projects are actively being used by kloians. We are also open to contributions! Here is our public repositories:

You are welcome to open issues on the repositories which will be taken into consideration carefully by the internal team and feedback will be given to you.

Kloia Github Repositories

Kloia Tech Radar

Kloians are continuously seeking for new ways to innovate. We are monthly updating our TechRadar 📡 which includes the tools, practices, patterns, languages that kloians are getting their hands dirty with 👐. Just have a look! 👀 Maybe you can find some of those interesting also for your workloads! 💡🚀

KloiaLabs Projects

KloiaLabs Projects represent the creative endeavors undertaken by kloians. Spanning across the domains of testing, software development, and devops, these projects are specifically crafted to cater to the diverse requirements of our esteemed clientele. 


Splitet is a Java based Event Sourcing framework which can be benefited by the teams who are planning to make CQRS transitions with minimum learning curve and ease of adaptation.
BDDHelper is a Ruby gem to create Cucumber scenarios fastly.


Klopac is a tool that let's you easily provision your infrastructure and applications. Cloud or on-premise it can schedule its runners anywhere so its extendable and scalable.
TestGenie focuses on real customer interactions rather than just software or infrastructure errors


Kubermario is built on open source framework klopac.

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