Kloia Observability Platform Partnerships Named Top 3 Awards

Kloia focuses on new technologies on hybrid cloud platforms, DevOps, and the development area.

Kloia Observability Platform Partnerships Named Top 3 Awards

Kloia focuses on new technologies on hybrid cloud platforms, DevOps, and the development area. In these areas, parallel with the development, observability platform needs are increasing. The Cloud-Native universe’s choice brings complexity and adoption to those technologies is important for optimizing the developer productivity while providing the DevOps cycle with the required governance and control to ensure cost-efficiency and continuous compliance. 

Observability, availability, and security are the three primary DevOps challenges today. SRE teams are not only focusing on the problem itself; they need to focus on the customer experience, system performance, and scalability of the system. 

Based on those metrics, our engineering team has been investigating to find new products on the observability platform and support our customers. We are long-time partners with Instana and Humio and they are named for Top 3 Observability Platforms by EMA. EMA-instana

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Why IBM Observability by Instana Received the EMA Top 3 Award 

Instana received the EMA Top 3 Award for the platform’s ability to automatically discover and monitor cloud-native and traditional application stacks within the context of their orchestration platform (typically Kubernetes), and the underlying data center or cloud infrastructure. Instana’s reinforcement learning models continuously learn to watch out for issues similar to the ones that were detected within comparable contexts in the past. Instana automatically discovers new applications simply by adding a standard configuration code to your Git repository to automatically place, configure, and manage the required agents in order to ensure comprehensive observability.


Market Segment: Automatic End-to-End Observability 

Changes to the application stack, code, and release pipeline are the three key reasons for performance degradation and downtime in cloud-native apps as well as traditional enterprise applications. EMA Top 3 award-winning applications in the “automatic end-to-end observability” segment capture these changes in near-real time, at full resolution, and without requiring manual instrumentation, in order to provide: 

  1. Business-driven production insights 
  2. Targeted alerts with problem context 
  3. Automatic root cause analysis 
  4. Monitoring across application environments 


These components lead to better alignment between IT and business through the ability of tuning optimization and resolution actions to optimize specific sets of business KPIs. 


Business Impact:

  • Enhance developer and SRE productivity 
  • Decrease MTTR 
  • Lower operational risk by continuously optimizing the application stack 
  • Resolve issues proactively and optimize applications 
  • Offer complete observability for traditional and cloud-native apps across data center and cloud 
  • Empower developers and operations staff to handle complex cloud-native applications independent from where they run 


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Why Humio Received the EMA Top 3 Award 

Humio’s ability to ingest any data, structured or unstructured, from almost any source, including traditional storage, network, and compute (as well as data from business transactions, security sources, GPS devices, smartphones, and IoT devices), points toward the platform’s ambition to “answer anything.” Humio’s index-free data architecture enables fast real-time querying and alerting for massive amounts of data across numerous sources by intelligently narrowing down the amount of data to query based on the relevant query timeframe, situational data from the query context, and additional knowledge about the character and intent of the query. This dramatically lowers the threshold for developers, operators, and business staff to run queries that can uncover important correlations that were out of reach before. This opens the door to reveal and monitor previously hidden relationships between business KPIs, user experience, application performance, code changes, infrastructure configuration, newly adopted technologies, and many other factors. When you log everything, you can basically ask any question. This is exciting. 

Market Segment: Log Management and Observability 

EMA Top 3 award-winning products make it easy for enterprise customers to ingest, process, store, and analyze end-to-end operations data in full resolution, real time, and in a consolidated manner that simplifies troubleshooting, proactive planning, and application optimization. The “log everything” paradigm underlines the importance of capturing all aspects of the application stack within context and without exception. This requires the product’s pricing model, data architecture, analytics and machine learning engine, and management architecture to accommodate traditional enterprise apps and complex distributed applications alike. Simple tools for developers, operators, and SREs to quickly surface the required data are critical. The EMA Top 3 award-winning products in this category excel in all of these areas to help enterprises close any observability blind spots to enhance staff productivity and minimize operational risk. 

Business Impact 

  • Index-free logging to enhance developer productivity 
  • Compression for faster reading, writing, storing, and moving of data 
  • Instant help for users in real-time 
  • Business-driven optimization of IT, DevOps, and SecOps 
  • Machine learning-driven identification of important events 
  • Built-in cloud-native log management (e.g., for Kubernetes) 
  • Continuous auditing to manage compliance 
  • Accelerated software development 

Our vision, technology knowledge, and customer need understanding are proved by this award and we are serving our customers with those visionary products. 


Yetiskan Eliacik

Yetiskan is currently working as Observability Partner at kloia. He has 10+ years experience in Observability domain.