Observability is an important part of the DevOps so we have been focusing on Observability as proof of the Quality.

Open Source Observability Platform
Open Source Observability Platform is crucial for most of our customers that have distributed systems on public, private, or hybrid cloud and have to handle traces, metrics and logs, and related best practices for the events.
Enterprise Products
We help you to move the targeted level of the monitoring strategy by effectively focusing on the right Enterprise Products for the right needs.
AIOps Platform
We help you to build your own AIOps platform with the right output and use cases.

Why do we have an Observability focus?

Observability is an important part of DevOps so we have been focusing on Observability as proof of the Quality. Kloia can assist with an assessment of your environment and level of monitoring. We can help you to move you to the AIOps as self-driving ITOM. We can assist you with architecture design, advise and plan your environment, implement the Observability platform, develop the integrations or the data collection, local support of the platform, and train your team for the proper focus and effective platform usage to decrease your MTTR. 




Assessment and Strategy
Observability helps you focus on the business, not only the IT systems. We help you assess, propose the focused action plan, evaluate and make it part of the culture.
Four Pillars of Monitoring
Metrics, traces, logs, and events are an essential part of Observability. We help you to move the focusing level of the monitoring strategy. 
Monitoring Development
Developing custom integration between the existing solutions, developing a custom collection for the different technologies, or adding custom tracing to increase traceability is important for domain agnostic observability.
Independent from Tools or Solutions
We have comprehensive experience in monitoring the Hybrid systems, including the public and private clouds and monolithic and microservices or distributed systems.
Monitoring as a Code
All observability code is developed with declarative DSLs including Packer, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, and also imperative ways including Pulumi, Golang, and Python.
SRE Service For Observability
You are not alone when upgrading your system or having trouble with your system. We are giving local support for the partnership products and open-source platforms. We can guarantee the first response time for the selected model on 5/9, and 7/24.


Cost Saving: Observability helps you decrease MTTR, number of incidents, and operational efforts. 

Proof of the Quality: Service availability is crucial for the service owner. Observability increases the end-to-end visibility of the overall status of your system starting from end-user to network level. Operation team can calculate the performance and objective of the services. 


How it works

kloia begins its solution process with an onboarding session and a Statement of Work (SoW). The onboarding process lays out a timeline of all the solution elements, from which your team can select the proper elements for your environment. These elements are then taken through kloia’s Transition Model.

For collaboration with the development team, kloia team creates a Shared #slack channel for instant communication. Besides, the tasks are managed on a Jira Board upon to the preference.

Getting Started

You can submit an inquiry through the form below and our solution experts will reach you as soon as possible. 

Signing up for this solution includes an initial audit and assessment of your current environment.



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