Kloia Becomes a Partner of Tigera

As kloia, we are proudly announcing our new partnership with Tigera.

Kloia Becomes a Partner of Tigera

Tigera is an active Cloud-Native Application Platform provider with observability for containers and Kubernetes. Tigera is also creator and maintainer of Project Calico - an open source networking and security solution for containerized workloads and Kubernetes environments. 

Tigera offers Calico in three packages:

  • Calico Open Source
  • Calico Cloud
  • Calico Enterprise

Calico Open Source

You can run Calico Open Source and have standard and core features of Calico for networking and security. You can also use eBPF Dataplane and Windows Dataplane with Calico Open Source. The support is community-driven in Calico Open Source. 

Calico Cloud

Calico Cloud is a SaaS offering of Calico Enterprise. It provides a pay-as-you-go offering for an active security platform for cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes. Calico Cloud has all the features of Calico Open Source and offers additional features like SIEM Integration, Image Assurance, Malware Protection and Flow Visualizer. 

The best part of Calico Cloud is that you don’t have to manage and maintain the platform. You can get it up and running in minutes and it provides easy installation and configuration for users. 

Calico Enterprise

Calico Enterprise is a Self Managed Platform offering for Calico with all the features of Calico Open Source and most of the features of Calico Cloud. With Calico Enterprise you can install and manage the platform whichever environment you use in your infrastructure. This option brings some operational burden but you have full control over the platform and infrastructure. 

You can find the architecture of Calico Enterprise below. This diagram is from the Tigera website.



You can use Calico products on different Kubernetes platforms both on-premise and cloud. For example, you can integrate Rancher, Amazon EKS, OpenShift and many more Kubernetes implementations. With the power of eBPF, you can have both performance and security benefits of Calico everywhere. 

Being able to have all these security features in your Kubernetes environments is becoming more crucial every day. With Tigera and Calico products you can secure your cloud-native applications on multi-cluster, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud platforms.

As kloia, we are proudly announcing our new partnership with Tigera. With this partnership, we aim to help our clients everywhere to implement and support Calico's cloud-native application security platform for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud!

Emin Alemdar

working at kloia as a Cloud and DevOps Consultant. Trying to help everyone with their adoption to DevOps culture, methods, and Cloud journey.