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Epos Now

Bring the benefits of modern code-base and technical needs of their infrastructure, it relies heavily on flexibility and scalability. However, EposNow REST API was built as a monolithic .NET Framework API bundled in a single repository with almost 20 projects and 1 host.


N11 Software architecture has grown enormously in the past years. The team had several challenges about scaling, we suggested a decoupled architecture for long term growth.


Otelz’s traffic has been increasing; however, they did not have a scalable environment or infrastructure.


The project was a Dotnet modernization project. The platform is migrated from on-premise to AWS cloud using serverless technologies and the core functionalities are re-implemented with Dotnet Core.


How Payguru created full visibility to comply with regulations using low-cost advanced search capabilities


Softtech is the technology provider that empowers Is Bank, largest private bank in Turkey, and all of its subsidiaries.


Huawei has a fierce business culture.


SmartCow had different API services and needed to Aggregated/Composite APIs for their Customers.


In MyLocale, we need to use BitBucket for CI/CD process since our customer prefers to use it.


Due to the Moonfare's business requirements, providing highly available, durable, reliable and most importantly providing secure infrastructure was the biggest challenge we faced.


According to Hazelcast requirements, we need to have Kubernetes Clusters in different regions with different configurations.


In Etstur, we provisioned on-premise Kubernetes Cluster using Ansible. The challenge was we want to minimize risk of upgrading cluster. We didn't want to make rolling-upgrade and want to find another solution.


Slow, manual and error-prone processes that offered no visibility into release status and bottlenecks, and weak impact analysis for deployables and limited ways to collect release metrics.

TIW Group

Converting legacy applications that run on production for many years to a 100% serverless environment so the customer could benefit from saving the maintenance costs, modernize the source code and have a more stable & reliable infrastructure.

HepFly Survives

We first met with HepFly team during their early stage startup.


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