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LigaBet is a well-known gaming company and their efforts are focused at growing the betting industry, promoting and producing new forms of entertainment.


istegelsin runs their workload on the cloud. They wanted to make their AWS architecture compliant with best practices.

(Food Services)

Yemeksepeti wanted to scale efficiently by leveraging automation. We have worked with the Yemeksepeti team for several options that will help them achieve their targets.

Epos Now

Bring the benefits of modern code-base and technical needs of their infrastructure, it relies heavily on flexibility and scalability. However, EposNow REST API was built as a monolithic .NET Framework API bundled in a single repository with almost 20 projects and 1 host.


N11 Software architecture has grown enormously in the past years. The team had several challenges about scaling, we suggested a decoupled architecture for long term growth.

(Tourism Services)

Otelz’s traffic has been increasing; however, they did not have a scalable environment or infrastructure.


The project was a Dotnet modernization project. The platform is migrated from on-premise to AWS cloud using serverless technologies and the core functionalities are re-implemented with Dotnet Core.

(Mobile payment)

How Payguru created full visibility to comply with regulations using low-cost advanced search capabilities