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Yıldız Tech

Yıldız Tech is the digital innovation-driven R&D center under Yıldız Holding, designated as an On-Site R&D Center.


LigaBet is a well-known gaming company and their efforts are focused at growing the betting industry, promoting and producing new forms of entertainment.

Epos Now

Bring the benefits of modern code-base and technical needs of their infrastructure, it relies heavily on flexibility and scalability. However, EposNow REST API was built as a monolithic .NET Framework API bundled in a single repository with almost 20 projects and 1 host.


N11 Software architecture has grown enormously in the past years. The team had several challenges about scaling, we suggested a decoupled architecture for long term growth.

(Tourism Services)

Otelz’s traffic has been increasing; however, they did not have a scalable environment or infrastructure.


The project was a Dotnet modernization project. The platform is migrated from on-premise to AWS cloud using serverless technologies and the core functionalities are re-implemented with Dotnet Core.

(Mobile payment)

How Payguru created full visibility to comply with regulations using low-cost advanced search capabilities