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Kloia partners with Instana for APM

Kubernetes-native APM(Application Performance Monitoring) for new-stack including Microservices

Category: APM
Category: APM

Kloia partners with Instana for APM

After Kloians discovered Instana in their early stage during 2017, they played with it, piloted it, challenged it and after decided to be a partner with. This was purely a kloian-driven process. 

Kloians already worked with various APM alternatives, but Instana has advantages especially if you have workload on Kubernetes and/or Microservices or if you have transition plans towards those... This is reflected in the tool by its features like:

  • Automated Discovery
  • Distributed Tracing
  • Automated Monitoring powered by Machine Learning 
  • Kubernetes-native Monitoring
  • It also works on-premises!
  • No application restart required! (For some certain type of software stack)

Instana is enriched with its sensors which can automatically detect and begin to collect metrics, including:

  • Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, OpenShift
  • Websphere, Weblogic, Varnish, Zookeeper
  • Spark, Solar, Hana, Redis, Neo4j, MongoDB, Cassandra, Kafta, ElasticSearch
  • PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MariaDB
  • AWS, GCP
  • Go, .NET, Java, Python, Haskell, Node.js, PHP
    and many more...

We are constantly looking for new practices, approaches and tools for our Application Modernization and Microservices Transition projects. Instana fits well in that perspective with its Kubernetes-native support and Microservices-friendly features.


Here is a short introduction for Instana to get a fast initial feeling:


Some of our customers benefiting from Instana:








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Please get in touch with us with the following form for a PoC on your environment.

Derya (Dorian) Sezen

Derya, a.k.a. Dorian, ex-CTO of an subsidiary, is currently working as Cloud and DevOps Consultant at kloia. He has migrated 10+ companies to AWS and has been involved in Containerisation and DevOps Automation projects in a range of industries. As a AWS DevOps Professional Certified expert, Derya is mentoring the hands-on trainings.