A production-grade container orchestration tool needs an experienced and certified team like kloia

Broad Experience
Our engineers have hands-on experience. We love technical work. We deal with real-world situations instead of hypothetical scenarios!
End to End Implementation
We don't just advice/consult you, instead if you want we deliver the solution you need applying the best practices in all areas!
Certified Engineers
Our CKA and CKAD certified engineer team will be happy to assist/consult you!

We have created 5 unique solutions for you to cover all the areas you need.

Kubernetes Audit
Verify your Kubernetes cluster together with Kloia to apply best practices from different categories including security, performance, configuration and architectural.
Kubernetes Dojo
Learn how to use Kubernetes. From beginner to advance. All the training you need to master your and your company's Kubernetes skills.
Enterprise Kubernetes Platform
Start using the most complete container management platform for your Kubernetes clusters using Rancher with kloia.
Application Modernisation
Split your monolith to microservices. Dockerize your applications and orchestrate them with Kubernetes with "Cloud-Native compliant Transitions"
DevOps as a Service (DaaS)
Our philosophy is "You focus on your business, we focus on your delivery" Everything you need to focus your idea/product.

Kubernetes Audit

Verify your Kubernetes cluster together with Kloia to apply best practices from different categories including security, performance, configuration and architectural.


According to surveys, the biggest challenge in Kubernetes is Security. It is very hard to follow all security best practices and follow the latest vulnerabilities.

What we do:

Our CKA certified team will investigate & analyse your Kubernetes cluster in terms of security vulnerabilities. Analyses consist of different aspects from outside of the cluster, inside the cluster, inside container etc.

Creating a detailed report for findings and giving advice for possible solutions. We will also run our special tools to detect vulnerabilities.


Without good architecture, development teams can lose time and spend more effort on unnecessary things. There is always a best practice to solve the problems.

What we do:

Drawing end to end design of your current infrastructure. Doing online sessions to discuss possible other solutions and making brainstorming together with our Kubernetes experts. Giving advice in terms of Logging, Monitoring, Observability etc. Creating a report that explains Highly Availability, Fault Tolerance, API Gateway etc.


Configuration becomes the most important aspect to benefit all features of Kubernetes.

What we do:

Analysing all manifest files, dockerfiles, deployment files, helm charts etc. Analysing all Kubernetes configurations.


Kubernetes has advanced networking configuration that can change based on the use case. We understand your requirements and give our advice.

What we do:

Make network stress tests to understand your infrastructure limits. Analysing network configurations of different components.

Kubernetes Audit

Kubernetes Dojo

We believe in education. For this reason, we are always keen to learn new things. Also, we saw that companies that had training can do more! Because of that, we've added Kubernetes to our Training Dojos.

Please take a look at our Kubernetes Dojo Training Page.

You can book for an individual or class training. All you need to start using Kubernetes are included in this training.

Kubernetes Dojo

Enterprise Kubernetes Support

● The most complete container management platform

● 7/24 Support Enterprise Platform

● Enterprise Multi-Cluster Support

● Upgrade, Backup and Restore clusters.

Rancher for Kubernetes

Application Modernisation

We've merged our 2 different expertise! Application Modernisation and Kubernetes Management!

Within our Application modernisation solution, we offer/implement Kubernetes to orchestrate Docker containers.

Please take a moment and check our Application Modernization Page

Application Modernisation

DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

We' have a great solution called DaaS which stands for DevOps as a Service.

This solution fits well, especially with start-ups. Our experienced team organises/manages clients DevOps tasks.

DaaS solution also includes implementing, managing, updating and securing Kubernetes clusters.

You can see the details of this solution from DevOps as a Service page.

DevOps as a Service

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