TIW Group



Converting legacy applications that run on production for many years to a 100% serverless environment, so that the customer can benefit from saving maintenance costs, modernizing the source code, and having a more stable & reliable infrastructure.

Previous system was running lots of SOAP services and depended on 3rd party SOAP services as well. The biggest challenge was converting those SOAP services to Lambda functions as the structures were very different. Also, we didn't have the chance to ask those 3rd parties for any developments, which created the necessity of respecting the input and output files/requests/responses.

Client: TIW Group
Project type: Legacy Application Migration to Serverless


We’ve created an API Gateway, DynamoDB, Step Functions and bunch of Lambda functions with the support of SQS, S3 and CouldWatch. Used CloudWatch alarms and SQS to trigger lambda functions on some specific cases. Created lambda functions so we could read SOAP message and generate SOAP message too.




System worked well and we've had the customer satisfaction. Customer had cost saving with getting rid of legacy hardware, modernize the code base, had visible metrics.

Also before the migration they had to do some scheduled tasks on daily basis but after the migration those tasks started to be invoked instantly which created a high business benefit for the customer.