Softtech is the technology provider that empowers Is Bank, largest private bank in Turkey, and all of its subsidiaries. As a software company in finance, Softtech seeks to develops solid, banking-grade software solutions, and they are constantly seeking ways to produce better quality software in shorter time. For this goal, they have kicked-off a DevOps initiative, but they have not seen visible improvements.

Client: Softtech
Project type: Digital Transition


Softtech has talent backed with good technology investments but they did not see radical improvements with their DevOps approach. To see where the bottlenecks were, we took Softtech through our Digital Transition program. We looked at the company from a holistic perspective – not just from a technical point. We looked at the flow of activities through value mapping exercises, we held days of interviews to understand issues deeply, and we carried out intense, hands-on technical deep-dives to understand technical capabilities.

In just a month, we have examined all departments related to SDLC and offered a multitude of solutions on multiple time horizons. Some of these solutions were prototyped with PoCs..



Softtech was able to internalize our recommendations and focus their DevOps efforts differently. They also took our simpler quick wins and applied them internally.

At the end of the project, Softtech realized the hidden potential of their work culture and took steps to make new technological investments that would increase software quality and make collaboration with business units easier.