MyLocale was using elasticbeanstalk for their backend services.
They want to migrate Kubernetes and they want to use BitBucket pipelines.
Also they need autoscaling solution in place to cover high traffic and wants scale down
if there is not much traffic.
MyLocale also was looking some advices in terms of static analysis and security advices for microservices and golang.

Client: MyLocale
Project type: DevOps as a Service



kloia team analysed their current infrastructure and designed end to end Bitbucket Pipeline that makes deployment to Kubernetes. AWS Parameter is used for secret management.
Also kloia implemented their whole system as infrastructure as a code.
In order to change anything in infra level it should be written as code like using Ansible or Terraform.
kloia also prepared small presentation for security best practices to increase security awareness inside company.
Also kloia made a lot of discussion related to microservices and their implementations and dependency management.



When customer change their code then it is automatically deployed to Kubernetes environment.
Customer can able to go testing, acceptance and production phase without need any help.
Customer's development efficiency increased a lot and they decreased their costs.