Slow, manual, and error-prone processes that offered no visibility for the release status and bottlenecks, weak impact analysis for deployables ,and limited ways to collect release metrics.

Previous release system was out of date and had no support for high end technologies. It was also running on an ITSM flow, and had no support for lean development and DevOps mind.

Client: ISBANK
Project type: Application Release Automation


After a detailed PoC, IsBank chose the XebiaLabs Enterprise DevOps Platform to automate and orchestrate the release pipeline with XL Release in order to accelerate software delivery and to provide visibility for each step of the process, and XL Deploy in order to be able to deploy more frequently to any environment with confidence.




XebiaLabs’ agentless architecture helped greatly with migrating easily.

Two different release flows were created for different types of applications.

Automated tests integrated into pipeline.

Reduced release time from test environment to production.

Deployed each commit to Dev environment to get early feedback, all commits are release candidates.