Huawei has a fierce business culture. The time-to-market rules the daily operations, priorities and teams are very fluid, all of this is packed in a strong hierarchy within a regulated industry. Within this landscape, different software teams have experimented with different DevOps practices and tools, but achieved limited success. The Quality and Operations team wanted to make sure that these efforts succeed permanently and become a part of the daily operations at Huawei Turkey.

Client: Huawei
Project type: Digital Transition


We have carried out a detailed assessment and a planning phase to understand the challenges and the changes we can make in such a large enterprise with very strong, immovable dependencies. At the end of two weeks, we came up with a list of quick wins that address issues in many aspects, from culture to deployment pipelines, from team structures to firewall configurations. We spent two months with the teams to make tailored DevOps practices a part of their daily flow. We have also raised the knowledge and awareness level of all interested parties through training and informal meetups.



Huawei teams were able to create a DevOps process that met their needs in a very dynamic environment. The practices were also codified in a checklist and made part of the recurring quality audits. Huawei continues to invest in continuous improvement of their software teams.