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Kloia Partnership with Experitest!

Experitest: Mobile App & Cross-Browser Testing End-to-End

Kloia Partnership with Experitest!

Kloia is combining its testing experience with Experitest to ensure stability, especially in the field of automated testing.

With Experitest's cloud support, you can test your web or mobile apps on any platform with dramatically reduced durations. With Appium Studio, the product of Experitest, you can quickly improve your tests with Device Reflection and Object Spy. Also, IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc. you can use the Appium Studio plugin in your IDEs. The studio plugin provides an excellent interface to manage your devices on the cloud.

Main capabilities of Experitest

  • Mobile App Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Test Analytics
  • Remote Debugging
  • Visual Testing
  • Add-On Packages


We will be happy to bring the benefits of Experitest into your organization. If you haven't had any experience in testing with cloud platforms, we offer support and training. Do not hesitate to contact us with the following form for a PoC.


Ümit Özdemir

Ümit Özdemir, Software Development Engineer in Test, is currently working as Software Test Consultant at Kloia. He built highly understandable and expandable test automation infrastructures. He now helps businesses move from manual testing processes to fully automated testing processes.