Kloia partners with Humio for log centralization

Humio is an innovative solution that fits the new-era approach of kloia.

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Kloia partners with Humio for log centralization!

Log management has been evolving for the last decade with several tools and approaches. However, not all existing solutions caught up to this trend. Many solutions failed to meet our expectations in new-era stacks that include Microservices and Kubernetes. Here are some of the missing features we were looking for:


  • Monitoring the logs instantly
  • Smart and elegant dashboards
  • Efficient storage utilisation
  • Option to deploy on-premises 

Although ELK and Splunk are widely used alternatives, those tools were not meeting all of our needs in our projects.

In terms of storage utilisation, ElasticSeach consumes the most storage due to its indexing mechanism. It works well on search, and even for fuzzy search, but it does not do a good job of keeping the historical logs. Splunk on the other side, is an Enterprise-scale alternative but it is not able ingest the logs instantly, does not offer the real-time analysis, and can be a bit heavy for startups.

Humio is the most effective storage-wise log centralisation tool

Humio's performance (shown on the left) grabbed our attention immediately. Humio can compress logs by 10x-20x which makes it the best option if you need to keep historical logs.

Besides, Humio works great with Kubernetes! This is crucial for us, as we utilize Kubernetes extensively in all of our projects.

humio performance

The above is an example of a customised Dashboard where you can tailor Humio according to your specific needs.

Humio Query language makes it easy even for Marketing or Sales Engineers to make complex queries for their own reporting needs. If you can compose analytics calculations in Microsoft Excel, you can develop complex queries with Humio without any help from Developers/Operations.

We believe that Humio is the most capable and suitable log centralization tool for modern software projects. We would love to do a PoC for you, get in touch at

Derya (Dorian) Sezen

Derya, a.k.a. Dorian, ex-CTO of an subsidiary, is currently working as Cloud and DevOps Consultant at kloia.