Why Rancher?

Enterprise Kubernetes Platform

During our extensive Kubernetes projects, we noticed that certain needs are common for all enterprise customers. We gathered the reasons why we suggest Rancher to meet this enterprise Kubernetes needs:


Effective Enterprise Kubernetes Cluster Features

  • Easy installation and zero-downtime Kubernetes upgrades
  • Centralised management of multiple clusters
  • Centralised Kubernetes Security
  • Automated Kubernetes Operations
  • Granular RBAC and user management, including SSO
  • Cluster backup and recovery


Friendly with CNCF and Community

Rancher does not have an intention to create its own standards but extends CNCF/Community features. Rancher holds a CNCF certification and it is well-integrated with Helm.


Easy Workload Management


Rancher includes an intuitive web UI that makes it easy to deploy workloads, export configuration files, and troubleshoot existing deployments.


Open Source Software with Enterprise-Grade Support


Rancher is a very popular open-source project, used by thousands of organisations to manage Kubernetes. Every feature is available in the open-source version, and anyone can use or modify Rancher however they like.


DevOps is Embedded

Automating the dependencies between Dev and Ops is a step towards creating a better DevOps Culture. Having a catalog and a self-service option is well supported with Rancher. Furthermore, monitoring is integrated with Grafana/Prometheus and CI/CD is bundled. 


Because you can run Kubernetes everywhere


Based on your cloud strategy, you can use Rancher with on-prem bare metal, VMware, AWS, Azure, GCP and many more options that satisfy multi-cloud or hybrid cloud requirements.

Cost Advantage: Node-based licensing


Competitors like Openshift and PKS have VCPU based licensing, which means that you are also paying for the containers running to support the workload. These include APMs, log, monitoring, and other supporting applications. We believe this is not a fair model.  


Rancher applies a fair, node-based approach to licensing. You may have a server with 64 VCPUs and you will pay for 1-node-license with Rancher.


Helps you remove VMware to save costs


VMware creates isolation at the hardware level and Docker creates isolation at the OS level. This may not be the optimal solution for all cases. Are all VMware features still needed in the container era? 


50% of Rancher customers are going bare metal where they benefit from the performance and optimising the VMware costs.


Multi-cluster Support


Four years ago, Rancher was the first solution to introduce multi-cluster support. The competitors recently included that feature. 


From Web-Scale to Edge Scale


You can run production lightweight Kubernetes clusters on low-powered edge devices, such as handheld terminals and manage centrally.

Integrated Cluster Security Benchmarking

The integrated feature allows you to run ad-hoc security scans of your Rancher clusters against more than 100 CIS benchmarks.


No vendor lock-in! Switch to vanilla Kubernetes without reinstalling!


Rancher is decoupled from Kubernetes, which means that you have the freedom to switch to standard, off-the-shelf Kubernetes whenever you need.


Experience the latest Kubernetes functions!


Rancher is in sync with the latest Kubernetes versions. Many competitors lag further behind.


Experience better storage management with Longhorn!


Longhorn is accepted to CNCF and beginning from Rancher 2.4, Longhorn is now officially under the support program. 


Support for the wider Kubernetes ecosystem, not just Kubernetes!


Rancher Enterprise Support includes troubleshooting of any incident on your clusters and provides solutions for Istio, Grafana, Prometheus, Flannel, Canal, Docker and several other integrations.


Gain a partner, not just receive support!


Rancher support works with you as a partner on your Kubernetes journey. The approach is providing you with the best Kubernetes experience. Furthermore, Rancher support has ranked 3rd place according to



Please also check our blogpost: Rancher vs Openshift !


If you do not want to move away from the Kubernetes project but you need Enterprise features one day, Rancher is a cool option!


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