Well-Architected Framework
Review & Remediation

Improve your cloud workloads with AWS architectural best practices
to develop secure, high-performant, resilient, and efficient application infrastructure.

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Our AWS Well-Architected review starts with a single request.

Fill the contact form to schedule a review meeting.Our sales team will get in contact with you to schedule an online review meeting.


Setup a Review Meeting with Solutions Architects
Well-Architected review meetings are online and take nearly 2 hours.

Kloia's solutions architects will ask questions about your AWS architecture to understand your system.


Get Your Review Report & Recommendations
Our report will be designed with the Well-Architected Framework's five pillars best practices.

Each Scope of Work will point to high-risk issues for your AWS Environment.


Are You Well-Architected?

Most company’s businesses depend on a portfolio of technology solutions to be successful in the market. The rate of change of application and solution development increases day by day, best practices one day become obsolete and vulnerable the next. Through continuous compliance, how do you know if you and your team are following best practices, or what the risks in your architectures might be?

Kloia Well-Architected Review Way

Kloia is an AWS Advanced Partner. Kloia will provide strategic high-level to granular-level guidance for your company's AWS workloads. Kloia's Solutions Architects will use AWS Well-Architected Tool for the review phase and share the report with you. For the remediation phase, our architects implement Well-Architected Framework best practices to help you build and maintain secure, reliable, performant, cost-optimized, and operationally excellent applications, and help you architect new innovative products and services in the AWS cloud.

How do we do this?
AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation Process

We have 4 main steps for the review process

  • Fill out your company contact information Via a Well-Architected form
  • Execute 3 basic agreements for the review phase and result reports. Non-Disclosure (NDA), Professional Services (PSA), Well-Architected Scope of Work (SOW) Agreements.
  • We will schedule a meeting for the review phase by our sales team. Perform a Well-Architected interview meeting for 2-3 hours with our solutions architects.
  • After 1-2 days from review, we will schedule a second meeting for review recommendations and result reports. And prioritize your needs for remediation tasks.

Here you can find some of the best practices we apply during our remediation phase.

  • Operational Excellence: Continuously improve your processes and gain insight into your operational systems by monitoring, managing, and automating changes.
  • Security: Strengthen and protect your data and systems by establishing least privilege principles and enforcing the separation of roles and responsibilities.
  • Reliability: Increase your ability to prevent and recover from service and infrastructure disruptions.
  • Performance Efficiency: Optimize and maintain the efficiency of your computing resources even as demand increases.
  • Cost Optimization: Right-size with a consumption model where you pay only for the computing resources you use based on your business needs.

AWS Well-Architected Useful Resources

You can also find useful links that AWS shared for AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Well-Architected FAQ

How much does a Well-Architected Review cost?

A Well-Architected Review is free of charge.

Why do I need to sign NDA, PSA, and SOW Agreements?

With NDA, Kloia guarantees not to disclose your sensitive-data details at any point. With PSA, Kloia gives exact documentation of what will be doing on your AWS workload. With SOW we can describe details of the remediation work and share them with AWS for your credit refunds.

What does “Remediation” mean?

The Well-Architected Review is based on AWS best practices. It refers to improving your workload based on AWS advanced partner Kloia’s recommendations aligned with AWS best-practices.

Once the remediation work is done, what is next?

We recommend running a Well-Architected Review every three to six months for each distinct workload. This will allow you to see the improvements and assess the current status of the workload against evolving best practices.

Why do you need access to my AWS Account?

When scheduling the review, Kloia needs to notify AWS and provide them with the Account ID for your nominated workload. To proceed with the review, we require access to the Well-Architected Review service within your AWS account console. You can provide template IAM user credentials to allow us to securely review your AWS workloads with only read-only access.

What do I have to do to be eligible for up to $5K in AWS credits?

AWS is currently offering service credits up to $5K if you start remediation work within 30 days of a Well-Architected Review. The credits will be applied to the account against which the review was completed. Kloia needs to notify AWS that work has started and provides a statement of work that details the remediation work being completed. In order to be eligible for receiving these credits, you must also complete AWS’s customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey.

How do I book a review?

To arrange your review, fill in the contact form our sales team will get in touch with you via this form.

Schedule a Well-Architected Review Meeting

Please kindly contact us to start your Well-Architected review! We’ll call you back as soon as possible and organize an online meeting to schedule a review phase.