Test Automation

Test automation is one of development processes for detecting bugs or issues before deployment to production environment. Automated tests can compare expected and actual results and generate a detailed report of them to check the application’s current status. It mainly aims to increase and under control quality of products and decrease manual testing effort. 

There is different approaches about test automation such as Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development, Data Driven Test or Keyword Driven Development. Choosing one of those approaches depends to needs and cultural factors of each organisation. 

Browser Test Automation

Browser test automation is having a big role in DevOps pipeline to prevent functional failures on production environment. A lot of different stacks such as Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Ruby and Capybara framework can be used.  Also there is a key point that the automation project must be compatible for cross browser test which tests the application on different versions and types of browsers and operation systems.

Service Test Automation

Service test automation is another important step to control application’s service level. It can be using for contracts between services, integration tests and end-user journey on services. Karate Framework which kloia prefers to use is very popular and robust tool for service level test automation.

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