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Seniorify transforms your junior staff into senior engineers.

Seniorify is an on-the-job training program for companies who want to grow their junior talent with modern software practices.

        We do this by delivering a project of your choice, working side-to-side with your junior team.
  • Seniorify is an on-the-job training program, not a class. So your juniors focus on learning the skills that they need to do their job better, and not spend time with nice-to-know skills.
  • We assign senior kloia staff to mentor your junior devs closely. That is how we get senior-level output from your junior staff.
  • Our team consists of senior engineers who have delivered hundreds of software projects at scale. We bring our practical, actionable knowledge to your team - not theoretical fluff.
  • We help you screen candidates to pick the most promising devs of the future.
Initial Architecture

If your company is just starting, we will design a future-proof architecture that will carry you forward to the modern software era.

Pair Coding
We work side-by-side with your staff to deliver your projects. We teach them better ways of developing software; we ensure the quality of their output.
We mend knowledge gaps with intense, brief hands-on training that is focused on key
technical skills. These are heavy on coding and are very different than the usual PowerPoint
Process Check-up
We take a critical look at the processes that may be slowing you down, and suggest ways forward. After your approval, we implement those process to the entire team.
Technology Check-up
We evaluate your current tech stack to identify what holds you back. We replace slow, legacy components with modern, forward-looking alternatives that fit your budget.
Remote and Onsite Follow-ups
After project delivery, we will be available for questions and follow-ups for several months.

Technologies Under Scope

  • Frontend Programming: React, Vue.js
  • Backend Programming: .NET, Java
  • DevOps: Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform
  • Test Automation: Selenium, Karate, Appium

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