Mobile Test Automation

Automate Your Mobile Tests
Every manual task is a burden for testers to carry on their shoulders. Automation of mobile tests removes non-necessities and enables you to save both time and money.


Cross-platform and Different Devices
With the power of automated testing, it’s possible to test your mobile application across different devices and platforms with significantly less effort and time compared to manual testing.


Continuous Testing
Continuous testing allows you to assess business risk coverage. We help you to implement CI/CD integration with third-party tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and DeviceLab.


What we do

We analyze: We define the most used devices for your application by your end-users.

We automate: We automate your tests, develop pipeline integrations, and build infrastructure to determine which tests will run in each stage.

We guide: As kloia experts, we continue to develop automation with the different tool sets we have used so far. What tools and structure we use is ultimately up to the customer, but we guide you to make the most suitable choice for your needs.

One device to rule them all?


When it comes to mobile testing, there are too many different environments and devices for your application to be tested on. Testing your application on just one device and believing it will behave the same on every other device is way too optimistic. There is not a “one device” encapsulating all and ideally, it should be tested on various devices using different operating systems and versions. But having physical devices on that scale on-premise costs you a lot.

So, what if you can have as many different devices as you want without having to purchase them permanently, and they are maintained for you and ready to be used anytime? This may sound like a pipe dream but it actually is the definition of device farm service.

You may like to see our blog post about experitest, a device farm service to gain more insight.


DevOps Without Testing Process - DevOops!

What the DevOps concept brings forth is the seamless integration of different parts of programming. But no matter how well-organized everything may seem, without a proper testing process, everything is prone to fail and work unexpectedly. Only through thorough testing processes and with the help of pipeline integrations, it is possible to create a sustainable automation environment.

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