Manual Testing

Detect Defects Early
 Detecting defects in earlier phases of the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) enables you to save both time and money that can be spent elsewhere..
The Foundation of Your Testing
We ensure that you have a solid foundation for your product with comprehensive test suites.


Building Product Confidence
Build and ensure product confidence easily. Your reputation and reliability are secured with our services.

Strengthen the foundation of your testing structure!

Testing is an indispensable core of SDLC, and the foundation of the testing is constructed with manual testing. Without it and its underlying principles and techniques, it is impossible to ensure your products’ stability to implement test automation processes in your workflow.

To reach this goal, we do not execute manual testing with our professionals to give you short-lived solutions. Our aim is to pass on our knowledge and know-how to your team to leave you self-sufficient at the end of our service. As our motto states, we provide “a test infrastructure designed as a glove, not a shackle”

As well as our general manual testing consultancy, we also give consultancy regarding specific testing types and fields. These can be summarized as follows:

Black Box Testing: Solely focusing on input and output of your software, we ensure that your software requirements and specifications are met.

White Box Testing: To find pinpoints for the improvement of your software’s design, usability, and security, we conduct test procedures to test your software’s internal structure, design, and coding. We place our seats next to your developers and debug the code together if needed.

System Testing: A complete and fully integrated software product need to be met with end-to-end system specifications. We execute a series of various tests to exercise a fully computer-based system.

Integration Testing: To expose the defects in the interaction between modules developed by different programmers, we integrate these modules logically and test them as a group.

User Acceptance Testing: We execute the Beta testing as a reviewer/inspector end-user on behalf of our clients to check if the product meets the predefined acceptance criteria and is ready for end-users.

We also emphasize the importance of other testing principles which are not in the domain of testers, such as Unit Testing conducted by developers. 

What do we do

We Become “Us”: We give consultancy indeed, but also integrate with your team and project immediately to take the manual testing load off of your shoulder on day-one! With our experienced team, we engage swiftly with your project and check the tickets with you.

We Analyze: We define the testing roadmap after reviewing and analysing the software project documentation and guides along with the Application Under Test (AUT), if available.

We Plan & Execute: After the analysing period, we draft test cases that cover all the requirements mentioned in the documentation in coordination with the QA Team Lead and review them. We execute the test cases on the AUT, file and report the bugs. After the bug-fixes we make sure the failing test cases pass.

We Guide: As kloia expertise, we are always up-to-date with the newest and on trend tools. But what you need might not be the shiniest tool on the shelf. Kloia consultants provide feedback and support for the reliable transition of your software from development to production. We assure you that we’ll guide you to make the most suitable choice for your needs in terms of procedure, functionality, and cost. 


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