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Kloia’s cost optimisation solution helps cut costs down by applying many different best practices.


Our cost optimisation solution starts with an assessment phase. This is the phase where we analyze your usage and utilization. We need regular collaboration sessions with your “Dev” and “Ops” teams. The output of this phase is a detailed report which includes our concrete suggestions and potential cost savings.



Depending on the outputs of the assessment, we plan a course of action based on your regulatory, cultural and strategic constraints. Those action items will be divided into short-term and long-term actions which are prioritized according to the complexity of change and potential cost saving. The output of this phase is a step-by-step roadmap that has a prioritized list of actions and a detailed plan for execution.


Our engineering team works closely with your teams to execute the roadmap in this phase. Based on your constraints, we share the responsibilities of each action item, together with pre-agreed change intervals wherever required. The changes are applied straight-away beginning with short-term changes that directly decrease your monthly costs.


Kloia’s cost optimization solution

It is tempting to use as many resources as we can so that our applications run fast on an infrastructure. But nothing is free. Using more resources can help applications running efficiently on infrastructure but also creates more maintenance costs and more bills to pay. 

Kloia’s cost optimization solution helps cut costs down by applying many different best practices. With the experiences we’ve gained from working with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprises, we can provide proven tailor-made cost-saving suggestions for customers.


Our Principles in Designing Cost-Effective Infrastructures

Plan and optimise a consumption model:
Pay only for the computing resources you consume depending on your business requirements. For example, development and test environments are typically only used for eight hours a day during the workweek. You can save up to 75% of your costs here.


Measure overall efficiency:
Measure the business output of the system and the costs associated with delivering the business requirements. Use this measure to understand the gains you make from increasing output and reducing cost.


Stop spending money on data centre operations:
Cloud does the heavy lifting of racking, stacking, and powering servers, so you can focus on your customers and business projects instead of your IT infrastructure.

Analyze and attribute expenditure:
Creating a reliable monitoring system makes it easier to accurately identify the usage and cost of systems, which then allows the transparent attribution of IT costs to revenue streams and individual business owners. This helps measure return on investment (ROI) and gives system owners an opportunity to optimize their resources and reduce costs.

Use managed services to reduce the cost of ownership:
In the cloud, managed services remove the operational burden of maintaining servers for tasks like sending emails or managing databases. Since managed services operate at the cloud-scale, they can offer a lower cost per transaction or service.

Removing Unnecessary Licenses

We can identify and remove unnecessary licenses for you. If you have an option to not use a license, then why should you pay for it?

  • Microsoft Windows Licenses We can zero out Windows Operating System licensing costs with Linux migration.
  • Database Migration We can migrate MSSQL and Oracle to Cloud Managed Databases which can be based on MySQL/PostgreSQL. This migration reduces the number of database licenses and carries great potential for cost reduction. Also, we can migrate your MSSQL server running on Windows Servers to Linux Servers. This migration removes the need for windows server licenses.
  • Removing or Minimizing VMWare with Rancher If your applications are dockerized, we can run them in Kubernetes clusters. Using Rancher, the enterprise Kubernetes platform, we can minimize the need for VMware licenses or even completely remove VMware. Rancher applies a basic approach to licensing, which is node-based. You may have a server with 64 VCPU and you will pay for 1-node-license.        Do you still need all the VMWare features in the container area?

Optimizing the Use of Compute Power

  • Dev & Test Environments Even if you cannot make your path to cloud for your production environment, you can still move your dev and test environments to the cloud. That will not only give you great flexibility and control but also lower costs compared to your on-premise hardware cost.
  • Build Servers You can use cloud providers for your build servers. Being able to stop & start servers whenever you need lowers your cost significantly. Also, instead of using virtual machines, using a dockerized version of build systems  (if available, if not we can help you move to one of them that supports it) will need less virtual machines. There are also cloud-native ways of doing that!
  • Reserved Instances, Spot Instances and Saving Plans When you start using cloud computing power, you’ll see you have many options to pay less. We’ll help you wherever you can use spot instances for the maximum cost-saving option, also with capacity planning and applying for reserved instances and saving plans. Using these approaches you can save up to 90%.


Cutting Down Logging Costs up to 80% with Humio

Humio is built for cost-efficiency for large log volumes, including 30% Less Operational Costs and up to 80% licensing/subscription/hardware costs.

Humio’s transformative site license is removing constraints and shifting organizational culture to greatly improve business resilience. This gives users autonomy, enabling them to determine their logging practices without concerns for restrictive technological, hardware, or financial resources.

Kloia’s partnership with Humio can provide you with the highest technical support and the lowest license cost. Please let us know if you’d like to hear more about Humio, we’d be happy to organise a customised PoC for you!


Migrating to a Lower Cost APM using Instana

You can cut down your APM License cost using Instana. It’s licensing model is based on the number of nodes and Instana is quite competitive with its pricing strategy. For both on-prem and the SaaS versions, Instana is way cheaper than Dynatrace, AppDynamics and New Relic.

Kloia has a partnership with Instana and can provide you with the highest technical support and the lowest license cost. If you’d like to learn more about Instana we can organise a customised PoC for you!


Cheaper Mobile Testing with AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is an application testing service that lets you improve the quality of your web and mobile applications by testing them across an extensive range of desktop browsers and real mobile devices; without having to provision and manage any testing infrastructure.

The service enables you to run your tests concurrently on multiple desktop browsers or real devices to speed up the execution of your test suite and generates videos and logs to help you quickly identify issues with your application.


Cheaper Web Tests with Selenium Hub

We can decrease your web testing costs with Selenium Hub Service.

If you compare Selenium with other vendor focused automation tools like QTP, UFT, SilkTest, you will find that Selenium requires less hardware as compared to other testing tools.


Using Cloudflare for Security & Performance

You can use Cloudflare for WAF/DDoS/Bot/CDN purposes and benefit from the low cost.

Also, for many sites, bandwidth consumption costs is a primary expense. Through caching and other optimisations, Cloudflare can help reduce the amount of data an origin server must provide, in turn reducing hosting costs for site owners.

Removing High-Loads on Services using Splitet!

You can decrease the load on your applications using our event sourcing product klunge!

Splitet is a Java-based Event Sourcing framework which can be benefited by the teams who are planning to make CQRS transitions with minimum learning curve and ease of adaptation.

It has a unique architecture called Operation Store™ together with the stack elements including Docker, Kafka, Hazelcast and Cassandra.

splitet (1)

Application Modernization

Application Modernization contributes to your cost-saving strategies by moving you to modern, flexible approaches that give you exactly what you need, and nothing more. Details can be found


Automating processes that are currently done by humans creates additional time for your engineers. These savings lead them to work on other tasks rather than repeating unprofitable tasks.

We can help you automate your processes in many ways by applying best practices with our experienced team. We can automate your build, deploy, release, decision-making processes and many more.


What is the need for reinventing the wheel? Outsourcing tasks that do not serve your core business can help you concentrate on your high-value gains. The cost difference between hiring a team to maintain a system and outsourcing the system is huge! For example; you can outsource managing your infrastructure to us using our DevOps as a Service solution. This service helps you reduce your DevOps team costs whilst using highly-experienced, certified engineers from a pool dedicated to you.utomating processes that are currently done by humans creates additional time for your engineers. These savings lead them to work on other tasks rather than repeating unprofitable tasks.

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