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AWS Cost Optimization

Cut down your AWS Bill with our Cost Optimization Solution easily and risk-free


Our AWS Cost Optimization Solution starts with an initial assessment phase.

The output of this phase is a detailed report which includes our concrete suggestions and potential cost savings.

Taking your inputs on the assessment, we will plan a course of action based on your regulatory, cultural and strategic constraints.
The output of this phase is creating? Building? a step-by-step roadmap that has a prioritized list of actions and a detailed plan for execution.

Our engineering team works closely with your teams to execute the roadmap in this phase.

The changes are applied straight-away beginning with short-term changes that directly decrease your AWS monthly costs.


We take 20% of the costs we saved

Because the ultimate goal of this solution is cost optimization, we commit to decreasing your overall costs. That’s why our offer is strictly tied to the savings we create.

The annual cost difference between the initial state and the resulting state is your cost-saving. We take 20% of the annual savings as the value of our engineering efforts and expertise.

How do we do this?
Cost Optimization Best Practices

We help our customers benefit from AWS cost optimization best practices that we applied within our successful projects. Here you can find some of the best practices we apply during our execution phase:

  • Right-sizing services
  • Leverage the right pricing model like Spot instances and Reserved Instances
  • Appropriate provisioning
  • Geographic selection
  • Using managed services
  • Optimizing data transfer
  • Using elasticity and scalability
  • Migrating unused/infrequently-accessed data to an appropriate tier
  • Scheduling instance usages for non-production workloads
  • Terminating obsolete resources
  • Cultivating Cost Usage awareness

Cost Optimization Models

Application Modernization

You can also save costs by modernising your application with practices like:

  • Containerisation/Kubernetes
  • Decoupling the architecture
  • Cloud-Native Services
  • Implementing various level of caches
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Cost Optimization by leaving Proprietary Licensing

One of the hidden costs of the Cloud resources is the implicit license rentals, which are added to the hourly pricing. We can identify and remove them for you.

One of the hidden costs of the Cloud resources is the implicit license rentals, which are added to the hourly pricing. Those can include;

Microsoft Windows Licenses: We can zero out Windows Operating System licensing costs with Linux migration.

We can migrate MSSQL, Oracle to Cloud Managed Databases which can be based on MySQL/PostgreSQL. This migration reduces the number of database licenses and carries great potential for cost reduction.

Continuous optimization
Our Continuous-Optimization Package helps you keep your AWS costs on track. As your applications grow, you may lose some of the optimisations made in the past. Our engineers audit your AWS accounts every month and take necessary actions to keep you at the highest level of cost savings so that you will not pay more than you have to.

Please kindly contact with us to benefit from our AWS Cost optimization solution! We’ll call you back as soon as possible and organise an online meeting to discuss in more detail.