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Cloud-Native Transition

Not only containerisation but also benefiting from Cloud Resources

Exploiting the advantages of cloud computing delivery model including DevOps practices using the cloud resources managed resources like PaaS or serverless, considering a decoupled polyglot architecture model and using Kubernetes as an orchestration platform.

The functions, resources, and services being provided by the cloud providers have been increasing and diversifying. It is very likely that you will find an equivalent service which you normally would develop yourself. Benefiting from those Cloud functions, in other words, Cloud Native approach can save time and money.

Some of the Cloud functions that we introduce for those modernization projects are

  • Serverless
  • Managed Resources (PaaS): Databases, Key-value Stores, Message Queues, EKS
  • ETL, Import/Export: AWS Glue, Athena, EMR
  • Object Storage: S3
  • Triggers: Various triggers after a specific event(i.e. File upload )

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