Kubernetes Enablement

The transition of your entire stack into a new-era stack


Together with the containerisation, the three components for the runtime out of four are now embedded into a container which are:

  1. Artifact(Binary/Byte/Code)
  2. Hosting Environment Dependencies
  3. Configuration

The last component for runtime is Data and neither Docker, not Kubernetes can solve the issues related with Data differences between environments) 

The container which includes those three can be shipped all the way from the Developer environment to Production. This means that the issues related with environmental differences are now solved.



Kubernetes orchestrates the containers which are running on multiple instances together with functions like:

  • Self-Healing
    Keeping the desired state
  • Secret Management
    Encrypting the secrets
  • Configuration Management
    Deploy-time Configs
  • Auto-scaling
    VM-level, Container-level
  • Service-Mesh
    Network Policies, Encryption, Controlled Deployments like Canary. Circuit-Braking, Rate-Limiting, Distributed Tracing

Helm Charts

Helm chart is an alternative way to produce Kubernetes YAML definitions, also by keeping the definitions as an artifact which supports templating.

Transforming your entire application stack to Helm Charts, versioning and keeping those on a Helm Chart repository.


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