API Test Automation

Effortless Management
Automated API testing takes less maintenance effort, thus lower maintenance cost.


Easy & Early Detection of Bugs
Both mobile and web-based applications use API services in the background. Eliminating bugs in API means fewer problems in the future.
Fast Application Delivery
APIs are fast. Automating API tests is the only way for you to keep up with APIs’ pace, which saves you time in return.



Make your API defect-free with KloiaQA!

APIs are like a web that connects everything together and make it possible for everything to work in harmony. Since an API bug has a high impact, a failure in API services may cause bigger problems affecting the web and mobile sides.

KloiaQA provides a customized arrangement of tools that suits your needs and helps you detect and amend the tears on your webbing.

What and how we do

API has a broad functionality across all application sides, so it is appropriate to use different methods to test different elements of API. Our services include but are not limited to Validation Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, and Load Testing.

We Analyze: We define the most critical API functions for your application.

We Automate: Testing API services regularly between certain intervals is crucial, thus we automate our tests to be run on demand and without any additional effort.

We Guide: As kloia expertise, we are always up-to-date with the newest and shiniest tools. However, what you need might not be the shiniest tool on the shelf, but good old frameworks solving your problems in a simple manner. We assure you that we’ll guide you to make the most suitable choice for your needs in terms of both functionality and cost. 

You may want to have a look at our blog post about one of our favorite API testing framework Karate.


We start and you take upon

It’s our way of things enabling our customers to maintain their own test environment. After creating a new test environment or re-designing the one our customers already have, our main goal is to pass on the test's knowledge and culture to your company's members. 

What kloia stands for is not to keep you dependent on us forever but to leave you in a self-sufficient state at the end of our service.

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