Lambda is a serverless solution on AWS that provides implementation of applications as a function.
These functions can directly callable and also you can trigger via related event.

Why do we need to consider lambda to use ?

- Scaling Issues on WMs
- Server and infrastructure resources maintanance cost
- Resources may cause a cost even if they are idle

Lambda is a serverless computing service and those are the benefits of lambda :

- The scaling solution → autoscale the compute resources.
- Maintaining solutions → don't care about maintaining servers.
- Cost solution → pay as you go

Here are the main use cases that you can use lambda :

- Lambda provides different use-cases like an event of an HTTP request, cron jobs, database events, messaging services, monitoring alerts, queuing services and can be many more use-cases.

The following programming languages are supported by lambda;

- Node.js: v8.10 and v10.15
- Java 8
- Python 2.7,3.6 and 3.7 (python 2.7 support will be expired soon)
- .NET Core: 1.0.1 and 2.1
- Go 1.x
- Ruby 2.5
- Rust