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new era in DevOps, Cloud, Test, and Microservices.

KTeam is a specialized formation of kloia engineers that bring the modern best practices to your projects. kloia’s experts in DevOps, software development and testing help you deliver your projects on time, within budget, with high quality. 

A KTeam gives you instant access to cherry-picked resources for your projects. You focus on getting work done without having to think about hiring, retention, and turnover. You scale your KTeam up or down based on your needs.


Who is on the KTeam?


Software Engineers


DevOps Engineers


Test Automation Engineers


DevSecOps Experts


Delivery Managers


Site Reliability Engineering

Orchestrated by an expert

Each KTeam is orchestrated by a senior kloia consultant in a Delivery manager role. They are responsible for ensuring efficient delivery and high quality throughout the project. Here is what Delivery managers do in kloia:

  • Getting started with the team
  • Managing the cadence of work
  • Establishing the quality standards
  • Doing architectural reviews
  • Delivering tech talks / awareness sessions for executives
  • Suggesting workflow improvements


What can a KTeam do for you?


Extend your team flexibly

Big projects can take long to spin up. Finding and hiring talent can take time, especially when you need expertise in specific technologies and practices. You can employ a KTeam to supplement your teams.


Do the things that must be done

Not everything is fun in software projects. A KTeam can take the less fun aspects of software development and automate those away, or do them for you.


Energize your team

Teams can show resistance in moving onto modern ways of developing software. You can bring in a KTeam that is already well-versed in modern best practices to ease the transition journey.


Get things in order at once

You need to write those 4000 automated test cases? You need to refactor that 3 million LoC library? You can have a focused KTeam do this for you while you focus on new development. 


Experiment and try new things

KTeam consist of developers who have been actively pursuing and assessing new technologies. You can have a KTeam to do PoCs and to try new technologies for you - we probably have done it before.


Create an MVP machine

High-risk, high-speed, experimental projects can take away from the focus of your development teams. You can support business teams with a dedicated KTeam that churns our minimum viable products with fast turn-around times.

What are the benefits of a KTeam?

  • Day-1 technical expertise and development
  • No need for onboarding/offboarding processes
  • No hiring processes
  • No turnover concerns
  • Supporting for the architectural decisions and workflows


KTeam of various sizes have delivered projects for small and large  companies in different industries. We have thousands hours of  hands-on, real experience:


projects and PoCs.


hours of Cloud/DevOps experience


hours of software development


automated test cases

How do you get a KTeam?

We have a straightforward process to ramp up a KTeam for you. 

  • Scope the project:We will have a series of meetings to understand the type of resources and the duration of the project. Lasts about a week.
  • Get to work:
    We will carry out the work! If necessary, we will scale the team, or make replacements if you are not satisfied.
  • Check for progress:As the team is doing the work, our senior consultants and relationship managers will be in touch to discuss progress and address any issues.
  • Construct the team:Based on your needs, we will put together a team of engineers and lead consultants. Takes about 1-4 weeks to fully assign resources.

Let’s discuss

A KTeam usually consists of 3-5 people, working on projects that last at least six months. Hourly rates for KTeam members range from 50-160+ USD, depending on specialty and the level of skill required. Work is priced on a time and material basis, billed monthly.

If you require more information, we will be happy to send you a detailed brochure.

We look forward to discussing what KTeam can do for you.

The Kloia KTeam team exceeded our expectations with world-class engineers to modernize test automation projects, software development and CI/CD pipelines. Their expertise in DevOps, software development and testing has always been very helpful and beneficial in moving us forward. I am always positive about cooperation with Kloia KTeam.

ENRICO SEMRAU / Principal Engineer in Operations, @Moonfare

Kloia's advanced knowledge of DevOps best practices, coupled with their expert .NET skills helped us modernize a core part of our application, delivering a best in class solution that enables us to build and deliver changes to our customers with a far greater velocity.

JOSH HART / Cloud Architect, @Epos Now

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