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What is GitOps?

GitOps is an alternative model to automate the management of your infrastructure, which relies on the Git repository as your single source of truth. If you are planning to shift to a GitOps operating model, here are the pre-requirements:

  • Be declarative: Define your resources with a DSL(Domain Specific Language) and version-controlled on a Git Repository.

  • Stop your imperative approach: A very common pitfall on implementing such a GitOps approach is being in a state called Configuration Drift, which happens when the code state on the Git repository does not reflect the actual state. This is a result of performing changes on your infrastructure in an imperative way. Here are the common imperative ways:

    • UI/Dashboard (User Interface)

    • CLI (Command-line Interface)

    • API

Although GitOps is widely known to be a practice for Cloud-Native/Kubernetes environments, there is no obstacle to approach also to non-Cloud-Native stack.


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