Log Centrelization with Humio



Payguru is a fintech start-up company and they are subject to compliance requirements at all times.  They have to store the logs for at least 10 years due to financial regulations. To make things more challenging, they are not allowed to store their logs on the cloud due to local country limitations. 

Payguru needed a solution that provides full visibility. Also, as a fintech company, Payguru needs to pass audits. They wanted to be sure the solution they were going to use will comply with all the requirements with low-cost. 

Client:  Payguru

Project type: Log Centralization



Kloia engineers explained the possible solutions to Payguru and helped them decide the best option that fits them. Payguru picked Humio for their log centralization needs. Kloia planned and executed the installation and configuration of Humio in their on-prem data centre. A high-available Humio cluster using Kafka and Zookeeper was installed on their servers.

Kloia also helped Payguru to create comprehensive alert management, so Payguru had full visibility into their system with minimum effort from their team.



Humio’s index-free architecture let Payguru shrink down their storage. This was a quick win that also brought their total costs down.

Payguru gained a great search capability with Humio which gave them full control over their payment platform. With having full visibility, Payguru became more transparent, which was a great step for gaining trust.

It should go without saying, but Payguru passed all audits with 100% compliance, thanks to their robust logging system!

Some of our results:

  • 11.8x
  • 68%
    Less Storage Usage