AWS Support Statement

Amazon Web Services is a reliable, scalable and secure cloud platform that spans within 18 geographic regions and 54 availability zones around the world helping different size of the companies ranging from startup to enterprises. AWS helps their customers to build applications leveraging their highly available platform and solutions. 

Kloia is a new-era consultancy company and we are an AWS Advanced Consulting partner. We accelerate your digital transition to AWS cloud by enabling DevOps principles. We have helped our customers to different sizes by adoption of DevOps and achieved great results by modernising their applications using latest features and technologies like containerisation.


We also help our customers for supporting their AWS environments either by utilising AWS support or our consultants. AWS Support help customers by planning, deploying and optimising their applications following the best practices. We encourage our customers to opt-in an AWS support plan and we support them by for 30days after we deliver their projects. Also we create dedicated communication channels like Slack and Jira boards for prioritising their support needs.

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