AWS Cost Optimisation Model - FinOps

Executing our assessment framework to identify the potential cost savings on your AWS account
Roadmap & Execution
Based on the agreed action items, execution is done by prioritizing the short-term actions and then focus on long-term changes

Our AWS FinOps Model Domains

Financial Optimisation AI Engine
We are committing to a 3-year term, not just 1 year, and even if it's not used, we will automatically sell it back.
Cloud-Native Optimisation
We can achieve up to 65% fewer EC2 instances running the same workload with Kubernetes / EKS. We also have an AI engine that optimises the min-max resource usage within Kubernetes.
Right Sizing Optimisation
Our Agent Continuously monitor your ınstance resource utilizations and proactivitely suggest optimised ınstance types.
Serverless Transition
Enablement of Lambda Serverless for certain functions to achieve cost optimisation.
Graviton Transition
We enable applications to be compatible with Graviton, providing a cost reduction and better performance.
Database Freedom
Our Solution migrate your existing SQL Server and Oracle databases to AWS Aurora which brings up to 80% cost savings.
Software Modernisation
Our solution brings cost optimisation of up to 65% using methods such as MQ (Message Queue), caching, splitting the monolith, frontend modernisation, and more.
Our solution of Dewindowsification removes Microsoft Windows licensing dependencies and optimise cost up to 70%.
Well-Architected Review
Our solution includes an initial AWS Well-architected review to see to mitigate the risks and also brings you up to 5,000 USD credits.
AWS Monthly Invoice Reselling
Bring your monthly AWS invoices to us and benefit from additional discounts on the top of your monthly AWS invoices.
Benefit from AWS funding programs
Addressing your new projects and requirements with AWS funding programs which bring AWS credits and consultancy funding for our effort.
Our Solution Includes smart spot instance enablement everywhere possible which brings up to 85% cost savings.

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